Monday, July 26, 2010

Colorado Tickets on Sale Now

Most people know that the Colorado Buffaloes ticket office is putting single game tickets on sale August 2nd.

However, last week it became public that the Buffs decided that they would not sell single game tickets for UGA. This is an obvious response to the pending invasion of the West by Bulldawgs.

Instead of the single game package, you can only purchase ticket for the game in Boulder through their 3-game "National Championship" pack. While it seems like a pipe dream, it's actually in celebration of the REAL 1990 national champions.

However, you get stuck with tickets to Hawaii (been there done that!) and Kansas State (JUCO University is BACK!)

Anyways, if you want to pursue this option, tickets are actually on sale now if you have a promo code, and I'd suggest going to the Colorado Dawgs' facebook page to get the information on the tickets, as well as to get updates on what's happening in Denver and Boulder. They also seem to have a tailgate planned for the game, which is welcomed news.

$136 is the minimum price for the package, and if you look at online ticket sites, a single game ticket is at least $70, closer to $100 if you want a better seat.

At that point, I'd almost rather just buy the single game ticket and not worrying about unloading the others. That way, you at least have more control over where you sit.

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