Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Rambo = More Violence

Bryan Evans is a loyal Georgia Bulldog. The senior began his career at corner and after losing his job last season, moved to safety where he became the starter going into this season. Bryan has proven to be a heavy hitter, but his pass coverage abilities are marginal at best.

Bacarri Rambo began seeing more playing time for the Dawgs at safety in recent weeks. The redshirt freshman from Seminole, Florida has shown in the span of a few games that he has the ability to both hit and cover well in the SEC. Rambo made his first signature play during the Dawgs loss to Tennessee just a few weeks ago:

I think it is time for the nice story that was Bryan Evans as a starting DB to end. Coach Richt and Willie Matrinez need to get Rambo into the game as much as possible for the remainder of the season. I would love to see Rambo out there taking shots at Tebow this Saturday. Maybe they would look something like this (warning: this video contains graphic violence):

"When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing." - John Rambo



AUMaverick said...

My second favorite name in college football behind Captain Munnerlyn, Major Applewhite, Ketih Toogood or anyone else on The Best Names in College Football


dawgsman81 said...

Gonna be partyin in jville before the game of course, so where can a faithful bubba and earl reader tailgate with b n'e? Id love to drink some whiskey with two of my favorite bloggers. Gooo Dawgs. Let me know at dawgsman81@yahoo.com

Streit said...

Unfortunately, I will not be making the trip this year. The rest of the crew is staying in Saint Simmons and is riding down on a bus the day of the game.

alex gibbs said...

I'd love to see Rambo take Tebow's head off.....he can use a sub-machine gun or just lay a major hit on him. Either way I'll be pumped!

Gov Milledge said...

Disappointed, Streit... you know there's practically a firesale on UGA tickets in Athens right now? My sister got me one for $40.