Saturday, October 31, 2009

Epic Fail

Did we come out in uniforms that made us look stupid? Check.

Did we make stupid penalites that cost us yards in key situations? Check

Could we not defend short passes to the tight end? Check.

Did we let Tebow (officially) break Herschel's TD record just when it looked like we
might actually be in the game? Check.

Did we basically give up in the 4th quarter and send in a bunch of back ups against Florida's #1 defense? Check.

Was this an indictment of how much the coaching staff has lost touch with the current state of college football? Check.

Epic fail, on all fronts. Last year, the score may have been worse but this hurts more. Fire Willie now. If Coach Richt can't see that this must be done, then maybe it is time for Damon Evans to step in and do it for him. I still love the Dawgs and have full faith in Coach Richt, but if you seriously thought black helmets were going to make a difference you were damn wrong.

BTW, if I ever see Urban Meyer on the street, I will punch that SOB in face and gladly serve the jail time. Sending Tebow out up 24 with 3 minutes on the clock inside your 10 was a much worse slap in the face than the timeouts last year. I hope you get gangrene and your feet fall off. Go to hell Florida!


Mrs. Streit said...

Mrs. Streit, here editing the post since somebody was very drunk when writing this!

evan ward said...

drunk or not, he's right

Pumpdawg said...

1)When you're 4-3 and playing the No.1 team who has beaten you 17 out of 19,that is not the time for some gimmick horseshit.
2)When you're down by 14 with 7 minutes left is not the time to put in the second string quarterback to make a point to the Bulldawg Nation.
3)Where were the flags when St.Tebow came off the field playing up to the fans?

Anonymous said...

Where was the flag when florida rips our guy's helment off??? Yet when Spikes helmet fell off, we get called for the penalty. The reffing was BS too, but not enough to blame this loss on. Too many issues to count.

Uncle Dawg said...

Since when does any UGA football team need a bulljit gimick to get motivated to play Florida in TWLOCP? WTF?

The new black helmets and pants are confirmation the UGA coaching staff doesn't know what to do to turn the program around or motivate the players.

Losses are to be expected. No team can go undefeated every year. However, the minimum expectation in any loss is to be competitive and give your best effort. I haven't seen this in our last two games.

We have some serious problems in the football program from the top down and I don't believe we'll see any changes until the end of the season.

Mark Richt needs to do some serious soul searching about how the program got to this condition.

Anonymous said...

Richt must go. Any one who says otherwise is somone who does not get it. Do you enjoy losing every year to the gators? Richt is the Zook.

Unknown said...

Richt is the Zook? Seriously? Three SECCG appearances? 6 of 9 top ten finishes? This is a crappy season and changes need to be made, but let's not jump overboard about a rebuilding year. If we are having these results a year from now then we'll talk.

Bop said...

This post is spot on. Heads better roll or someone needs to resign.

CKBE said...
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alex gibbs said...

I agree with this post. I knew something was going to go horribly wrong when I saw the Dawgs coming out in black helmet. Gimmicks need to go...and real football needs to be played.


If you noticed again during the game as Cox was moving his team ,which I think has a huge potential to be a great QB in the SEC, Richt started with that stupid ghetto jumpin bullsh*t again on the sidelines.I thought what the f*ck is that idiot doing while uga was within 4 points from taking the lead.Not much longer after that UF found a groove and dominated the game.I think thats the first time in history during a game a coach aloud his team to jump on the sidelines when it was clearly not a locked win.He needs to quit doing that stupid sh*t and play like he is at a major university or he is going to continue to embarrass the HELL out of your school!

Mick Hubert said...

I'm a big uniform guy all the way around in sports. It's what I do for a living. That garbage we sent out yesterday was embarrassing. WE ARE GEORGIA. we don't wear black helmets with red facemasks. I don't mind a different color of pants every now and then and our black jerseys with silver britches and red helmets looks great. What we did yesterday was unacceptable.

Another point. Funny how the 1 series Rambo is in the whole time, it was a 3 and out for Florida because the middle of the field wasn't open. He was hardly seen ever again.

We had the recipe to beat them, folks. We simply have a goon of a defensive coaching staff and a 5th year QB that plays like a mediocre true freshman. At what point does he learn to take a sack and/or throw it away?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think these uniforms look like they were made using NCAA 2K10?

Candice said...

I don't get why Urban is wrong for taking Tebow out for a special moment. It's his last Florida/Georgia game and I thought it was a nice gesture. I love your blog site but I don't get that one.