Friday, October 30, 2009

80's Music Video of the Week - Halloween Edition

Well, it looks like Streit and I are the only one left in the ATL. So, with all due respect to Streit's video for his WLOCP post, I am here to present the BNE 80's Music Video of the Week.

Tomorrow is Halloween (yes Dawgs fans, its not just the WLOCP), and I hope that at least one team will feel the fear and fright from a thrilling upset this weekend. And speaking of thrilling, this week marked the release of 'This Is It", the 80's legend and self-proclaimed "King of Pop", Michael Jackson's final performance and movie. In dedication to Michael, Halloween, and the hope for an upset, or at least a thriller by the Dawgs, I now present the iconic 80's music video, "Thriller".


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Buckhead Bulldog said...

Lets Go G E O R G I A B U L L D O G S

Sic'em Dogs