Saturday, October 31, 2009

UGA Halloween

Dear UGA,

We understand you're having a tough season. We know how hard it can be to have a losing season and try to find something to rally around. Heck, look at Vanderbilt for crying out loud, they think the Liberty Bowl is a BCS game (shhh...don't tell them its not). But seriously guys, can you find another way to spark some excitement in the team? We know the "black out" against Auburn worked wonders, and we know today is Halloween, but seriously?

First off, when we saw you run out onto the field, we thought UGA had given up and sent Grambling to play in your place. By the way, Grambling is threatening a copy-right lawsuit, Secondly, how many uniforms changes are y'all going to make? Are you trying to be the Oregon of the SEC? Do you want to be compared to the Pac-10? What happened to tradition, uniformity, and simplicity. The UGA uniform is a classic! We know its trendy, but UGA should not be in the fashion're better than this. Next year, leave the color changes alone.


The 11 other teams of the SEC


Anonymous said...

That was not Georgia playing today, it was Grambling. I encourage you to look at Grambling's helmets, which we so brilliantly emulated.

Sports Dawg said...

Georgia is red helmets, silver britches, and tough football. We've now lost all three. 'Grambling' was the first thought out of my mind as well. If Richt was going to mess with our helmets, at least he could have done a throwback silver. If you had been sleeping for 10 years and just woke up, you'd swear Jim Donnan was still at UGA.