Monday, October 26, 2009

BNE Pick 'Em Week 8

Due to obligations to my company, I will have to forego the usual post for the BNE Pick 'Em. In recognition of 'Hate Week', here is the abridged Pick 'Em Update:

Overall standings after Week 8:
1. Gen. Stoopangle
2. allyugadawg
3. shelt320
4. DawgDai
5. yedidawh, OneHairyDawg, & Dutch
8. JeremyRoyAdams
9. Donald Eason
10. bulldog91

From the BNE staff:
1. BFR  - congratulations on the #1 top spot.
2. bubba
3. earl
4. aumaverick - The 1st week not to be ranked #1
5. Streit
6. bulldawgjosh...still wrestling with mediocrity.

The Bottom Feeder of the Week remains mmike032 despite his valiant attempts.

The only matchup that matters this week is Florida vs. UGA. Good luck!

Have fun at the...



BulldawgJosh said...

Absolute conspiracy! Mediocrity? I may be last overall among B'NE posters, but you AGAIN fail to report that I came in first this week among all B'NE posters.

Two weeks in a row I owned the rest you guys, yet nothing but biased reporting takes place!

I am the champion for the last two weeks!

AUMaverick said...

Aw come on now...if BFR can manage to take a break from cleaning and crawl out from his bed under his desk at work to make some picks to beat me, I'm sure you can too.

I am unbiased in my reporting of the overall standings. I promise next week to include the Top 10 list of the current week.

BFR said...

All I gotta say is "I'm Number 1." For this week, at least. Gotta get some bragging in while I can. Gators--Gators, How'd you like to bite my ass?!?

AUMaverick said...

I might have to start visiting our sponsors, like and Kleenex after my three weeks of picks... Awful, just awful.

7 weeks atop #1 from the BNE Staff...not even I thought I'd do that well. I promise to make a much better attempt and reclaim my spot in the top 10, and my #1 spot in the BNE staff.

By the way...who is Gen. Stoopangle?