Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Key Matchups: AJ Green vs. Joe Haden

This is a blockbuster matchup between two players who were recently named Mid-Season All-Americans by The Sporting News.

We all know what Green has meant to Georgia this season. Without AJ and 41 catches for 682 yards and 6 touchdowns, Georgia's record may be 1-6 instead of 4-3. He has clearly separated himself from Julio Jones as the best recevier in the SEC, and with Dez Bryant suspended and Eric Decker injured, is now the front runner for the Bilitnekoff award.

Joe Haden is the top performer in the experienced Florida secondary that helps anchor the nation's #1 defense. On the season, Haden has been a force in the passing game, recording two interceptions, three pass breakups, and two sacks. He has also been a solid tackler, recording 39 total tackles (including 4 for a loss).

What makes this match up so intriguing is how Florida will handle the distinct size advantage Green has. At 6'4'', he towers above the 5'10'' Haden. Georgia will need to rely on Green to create separation, because Haden has the closing speed to make any small holes in coverage disappear. If Haden (and some help from safeties) shut down Green, Georgia will be forced to use its tight ends and slot receivers if it hopes to generate any kind of pass offense.


Buckhead Bulldog said...

Great! Joe Cox versus the # 1 D and their great DBs. Oy!

Gov Milledge said...

Let's see the Ginger Assassin really show up this game.

AUMaverick said...

I second MT. If UGA has a shot, it won't be because AJ Green played well (a must though), or UGA's running backs NOT turning the ball will be the result of the arm of a redheaded Cabbage Patch doll.