Friday, September 4, 2009

80's Music Video Of The Week

We did this last season, then we stopped after the season, then we started again back in the Spring, and then we stopped it again.

I promise you this, for the 4 of you out there that care, the 80's Music Video of The Week is here to stay (unless we get lazy again in February).

AUMaverick, who is a colossal 80's music video fan, has joined Bubba and I in selecting videos for this season.

This week's video was picked by Maverick, and it displays why I love his taste.

This video has everything from intense slow motion volleyball to playing guitars that obviously aren't plugged in to anything. Then there is Kenny Loggins...well, Kenny Loggins' presence makes it super 80's.

Here is Kenny Loggins' "Playing With the Boys."

This song is also the background music in this awesome volleyball scene from Top Gun:

Coincidence? I, think, not!


Streit said...

The volleyball played in this video is worse than the sad excuse for volleyball that used to be played at the fraternity house during Luau every year!

BFR said...

Seriously, I'm glad AUMaverick has joined the staff and is contributing so much to BNE (beyond just his posts and running the pick 'em pool for us, he's really got the team fired up about blogging again)... But I refuse to stand idly by and watch an AUBURN FAN take over this venue and spread his Top Gun propaganda everywhere. I understand, it's his favorite movie, and, yes, he does have a Top Gun poster in his bedroom...but Tom Cruise still sucks and I can't allow this to continue! Don't even get me started on Val Kilmer!!

alex gibbs said...

YES! So pumped you brought this back.

AUMaverick said...

BFR, just because you look like Val Kilmer (the fat years, not the 80s Val Kilmer) doesn't mean you can start hating on Top gun. Embrace the change.

Uncle Dawg said...

My God, that's gay.