Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One last day of peace...

Bedlam, rivalries, war, battle cries, fight songs, and good old fashion hate are soon to be upon us all!

There is just one more day of peace before the beginning of another season of college football and of course, our 3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em! There is still time to sign up and get your picks in. Simply click on this link College Football Pick 'Em, enter the Group ID: 15552, and the Password: bubba. We have a great group this year, including some international readers!

Just a reminder to everyone, we'll be picking every SEC game of the week in addition to the top Yahoo Sports games. We will pick with confidence points but we will NOT pick with the spread. Make sure you assign the highest points to the pick with the most confidence. As an example, if UGA were to play Southwest Central South Carolina State University of Technology, and you were confident UGA would win, you would assign 25 points to this game out of 25 points. In contrast, if you found out the day before the game you're girlfriend's brother happened to be the genetic clone of Joe Montana at SWCSCSUT, and you knew the freak of nature was supported by a genetically engineered team made up of the '72 Dolphins, you'd maybe bet 1 point on UGA pulling an upset.

Good luck everyone!!


Big Muddy Dawg said...

What a succinct analogy! Great job with the countdown, guys. Thanks very much for doing it.

How 'Bout Them Dawgs!

Pumpdawg said...

As long as they don't have a Herschel clone I think we can take 'em.