Thursday, August 26, 2010

New & Improved 3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em, now Kiffin-free!

I love college football and there's only one way to truly grasp just how much we need it, and that's to watch it in action.

Hi folks, Billy Maze here for the new and improved Bubba 'N Earl Pick 'Em! The fast and easy way to participate in the SEC's best football games and the best non-conference games of the week. It's by far the best college football pick 'em on this site*, GUARANTEED!

Billy Mays, not Billy Maze

If you're tired of all the countless viewings of stale Vampire movies with your girlfriend, the repetitive blabbing of your wife's thoughts on Oprah and Dr. Phil, the endless summer heat and no football,  I'm here to tell you the new BnE Pick 'Em will cure all your summer woes just in time for college football season. It's sure to beat any other college pick 'em with less irritation, no biting, and no vibration. No other pick 'em can do that*!

You can research your favorite teams, review stats, watch highlights, read post game breakdowns, see all the best SEC and non-conference games and more in preparation for making your picks each week. The new and improved BnE Pick 'Em is GUARANTEED to quench your thirst for college football prognosticating. And better yet, there is no Lane Kiffin or Tim Tebow in the SEC this year. The new BnE Pick 'Em is 100% Satisfaction*.

Soft enough for female readers, hard enough for the most die-hard fans, the BnE Pick 'Em is available to anyone*! Don't settle for any other college football pick 'em on this site. The new and improved BnE Pick 'Em comes with no strings attached*, and is so good, not even a coconut can beat it!

If you're not satisfied, I'll send you a picture of this coconut

If you sign up now, we'll even throw in a weekly preview of the games of the week. And that's not all! After each week, we'll post the Top 5 of the pick 'em as well as the Bottom Feeder of the Week! Not even a Grater Plater or Mighty Putty can give you that!

3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em, more entertaining than a tube of Mighty Putty

Sign-up right now, and we'll double the offer on the best BnE Pick 'Em yet by throwing in a free comments section for all your taunting and trash talking - a $20 value, FREE. Just pay separate shipping and handling*.

You get it all! The new and improved 3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em, the weekly preview of the games of the week, every SEC game and the best non-conference games, the Top 5 and the Bottom Feeder of the Week, and a picture of a coconut if you're not satisfied. To top if off, if you sign up right now, we'll throw in a free picture of a misspelled Alabama* vs. Mississippi State ticket! BUT HURRY, THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER. SIGN UP BEFORE TUESDAY, AUGUST 31.

Here's how to order:
Submit your name and email address to me by emailing here with BnE Pick 'Em in the subject line. I will provide a link to the new BnE Pick 'Em site where you'll sign up. The new pick 'em will be ready by Monday, August 30. Good luck and WDE!

*Site only refers to Bubba 'n Earl Sittin' on the 50 and no other web site
*Some pick 'ems can do that
*Actual satisfaction is based on a survey of 200 midgets from Nebraska when asked if they preferred to sniff a corn cob or participate in the 3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em
*3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em is available only to those participants who sign up, Geckos, the prime minister of Japan, anyone under 7' in height, the undead, fans of Seinfeld and carnies. Any participation by persons residing in Albania is prohibited
*Some strings up to 6" in length may be attached with prior notification
*Shipping and handling fees for all US residents equal to 17.2% of buyer's gross income divided by their age. No shipping to Albania
*Bama Sucks!


Bernie said...

Do Albanian-American midgets have to pay shipping and handling?

AUMaverick said...

Albanian-American midgets must pay in the form of two adult male Wolverines or their cash equivalent.

Out of the Loop said...

I'm new around here. Out of curiosity, why is a Plainsman Tigeagle an editor on a UGA blog?

Earl said...

Because after seeking a winner as a Tiger, as a Plainsman and as a War Eagle, AUMaverick knew he'd only find it on the Georgia side of things.

Please welcome AUMaverick back for his second year as master of Pick'em leagues.

Sure, he'll have to suffer through one-for-the-thumb this year in November, but he's a good sport about it.

AUMaverick said...

I'm an educated man and know that Auburn and UGA are in two different conferences of the same league, so I only have to hate UGA one day out of the year.

I have a lot of ties to Athens and UGA, having lived in Athens for a short time, and like many people, I have family and friends on both sides. I like the Dawgs, I jsut happen to like Auburn a bit more.

So with that in mind, Go Dawgs, War Eagle and I hope you'll join us in some good-natured trash talking and join our 3rd Annual Pick 'Em.

AUMaverick said... thumb this year. We'll take that thumb and shove it up you...