Thursday, September 16, 2010

3rd Annual BNE Pick 'Em: Week 2

I have to say, everyone did pretty good last week. With the exception of the Techs losing (Va and Ga), most everyone had a winning record for the week. Don't forget to have your pick in by this afternoon. This week features some good match ups between GaTech and UNC, UGA and Arky-saw, OU and Air Force, BYU and FSU, Texas and Texas Tech and the game of the week, Clemson vs. Auburn.

Speaking of Auburn, there have been rumors floating around the blogosphere of a total "Blue Out" at Jordan-Hare Saturday night to combat the all-orange uniforms of Auburn By the Lake. Specifically, a photo of a very authentic-looking Under Armour helmet in navy blue has popped up, leading to rampant speculation of the Tigers wearing all blue, from the rumored helmet down to the pants, much like UGA has done for their "black out" games.

I'm all for having the stadium decked out in blue and I appreciate the jolt a new look can bring, but Auburn has one of the best looking uniforms in college football and its a classic look that should not be messed with. Making a uniform switch can bring you luck; look at Notre Dame and their green jerseys. On the other hand, making a switch from tradition can bring you bad luck; look at Notre Dame and their green jerseys. While the black uniforms for UGA worked in 07 and for the Sugar Bowl, making a huge statement and pumping up the fans, using it too often can result in an embarrassing black eye...

First UGA, then VaTech, then Texas Tech and now we might see Auburn making a switch? Come on folks, let's leave the uniform gimmicks to the experts over at Oregon...

For the BNE Pick 'Em Top 5, we'll be presenting the top performers of the week and the overall standing. So without further delay...
  1. AUMav's Picks with 237 points and a 20-2 record. Yeah, suck it bitches!
  2. allyugadawg with 225 points going 17-5
  3. BLACKOUT (18-4), woof woof (16-6), G.D. (17-5), and Dawgfan17 (20-2) all with 221 points
  4. WarriorDawg (16-6) & FelonWaites (18-4) with 220 points
  5. and finally, Dawgsman81with 219 and an 18-4 record
Overall leaders:
  1. woof woof: 566 and 37-12 
  2. Dawgsman81: 561 and 39-10
  3. G.D.: 560 and 38-11
  4. AUMav's Picks: 557 and 40-9
  5. HayDuke: 554 and 39-10
And now for out Bottom Feeder of the Week, sponsored by my favorite time-wasting website, Once again, BFotW will throw out those who did not make picks and those who seemingly don't understand how to make a pick. So, with this in mind, this week's Bottom Feeder of the Week is LostinAlabama with a whopping 95 points. The entire group managed to average 436 points, but you couldn't break 100? 11-11 for the week picking Vandy over LSU, Tennessee over Oregon and Penn State over Bama, and with such high confidence? Come on now, I thought we went over how to make picks when our friends from last weeks BFotW helped us with counting. You know what, I'm a sport. I'm willing to forget this whole mess. In fact, I even got you a cookie cake from our sponsor, to show there's no hard feelings and to help you enjoy your football Saturday...
Oh lord, the horror, the laziness, the blue icing...just don't hold it in front of your crotch and take a photo...

Get your picks in by the end of the day on Friday. Saturday morning, get up early and look for me and my lovely wife on ESPN's College GameDay, built by The Home Depot. Maybe if I'm lucky I can wrangle my way onto the set and meet up with Fowler, Howard, Corso and Herbstreit.



LostinAlabama said...

Apparently to two monkeys I had making the picks did not understand that they were not picking the spread. We will see if we can do better this week. You may be able to tell by the name LostinAlabama that I don't want to be here. My favorite song is "Going back to Athens town." What is worse, I'm being made bad sh*t of by a guy named AUMaverick.

AUMaverick said...

The Pick 'Em does not discriminate in it's selection of the BFotW. We mean no ill will or hard feelings, and this is all in good fun and jest. With this in mind, I'm happy to see that you not only improved in your pick, but also beat me as well.

Congratulations and I will make note of your improvement in this week's Pick 'Em update.