Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Win an ACC Championship...sell less tickets???

That is apparently the case at Georgia Tech, where they have only managed to sell 24,500 season tickets this year. At the same time last year, they had sold over 25,000.

When Georgia finished #2 in the country in 2007, the score cutoff jumped from 2,200 to over 10,000. I know some will argue that the economy is a factor, but with no cutoff score required to purchase tickets, Tech should at least be able to sell as many tickets as they did last season.

After appearing on the front page of ESPN the magazine, Georgia State football will finally kickoff its program next month. I wonder how many years it will take the Panthers to overtake Tech in ticket sales (I am kidding...well maybe not if GSU is successful and moves to 1A).


Anonymous said...

Apparently beating UGA is more important to the nerds than winning their pathetic conference title.

Anonymous said...

What really makes the lower season tickets sales funny is the price. You can buy'm for half price!! Don't know if they got a coke and a hotdog at that price or not.