Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Countdown 2010: 16 Days to Go

16: Kevin Butler, Kicker #5 (1981 – 1984)

Kevin Butler (with #99 Drew Butler) completes the only father-son pair in our countdown. Kevin Butler inherited the placekicking job from Rex Robinson following the National Championship Season in 1980. Butler’s career at Georgia got off to a great start that fall. Butler kicked 17 field goals in what would be the first of 4 All-SEC seasons in Athens. With Dawgs completing another undefeated regular season in 1982 (they would lose to Pittsburgh in the Sugar Bowl), Butler racked up 85 points on 17 field goals and 34 PATs. Butler would make 18 of 23 field goals in 1983, earning the first All-American honor of his career.

During his final season at Georgia in 1984, Butler would make a kick that cemented his legend in Bulldog history. The Dawgs were tied with rival Clemson at home late in the fourth quarter. Georgia drove the ball just inside Clemson territory and lined up for what would be a 60 yard attempt. Here is the call from Larry Munson:

Kevin Butler would go onto an All-Pro career in the NFL, playing on the Super Bowl winning Chicago Bears under Coach Mike Ditka. In years in Athens saw his make 77 of 98 field goal attempts, including kicks of 60, 59, 53, and 52. He was a four time All-SEC selection and two-time first team All-American. He is lone kicker to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and is arguably the greatest kicker in NCAA history.


Mackie said...

My favorite all-time Munson call. I don't know why I like it more than "Hobnail Boot" or "Lindsay Scott" but the absolute pessimism of " we'll try to kick one a hundred thousand miles." flowing directly into "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" and the icing on the cake "The stadium is worse than bonkers!"

Love it.

Mike Nitz said...

I was at that game, God it gives me chills just thinking about it!! Just before the kick it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. When Butler kicked it, I remember thinking, Dang, he really got a foot into that one! As the ball got closer to the uprights, the louder it got & when it went through & the officials hands went up, the place went absolutely crazy!! God it was great!!

Amanda said...

What an awesome announcer!! Just fun to listen to. This was my favorite Munson call as well. He will be missed! amanda vanderpool fashion