Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Countdown 2010: 30 Days to Go

30: Ivy “Chick” Shiver, End, and Tom Nash, End #79 (1925 – 1927)

In the modern era of Georgia football, we have seen a number of great receiving duos including Massaquoi and Green. But in the early days of Georgia football, when guys who played the position of end were the ones catching passes, Tom Nash and Chick Shiver were the first great receiving duo. Playing under Coach George Woodruff, the duo would lead the Bulldogs squad that would be known as the “Dream and Wonder Team”.

Chick Shiver grew up in Sylvester where he played fullback before coming to Georgia. Tom Nash also played fullback in high school, but both players had moved to end by their senior year in 1927. Both players were big and strong and considered great weapons for Georgia. In 1927, Georgia would have their first 9 win season, the lone loss being a 12-0 game against Georgia tech to close the season. Nash caught 3 touchdown passes and Shiver caught 2, as the Georgia passing attack racked up over 900 yards. During the 14-10 victory over Yale, Shiver caught a touchdown pass from HF Johnson to give Georgia an early lead. The victory was considered a major upset, as Yale was favored to win by 14 points.

Following the season, both Nash and Shiver were named first team All-southern Conference and first team All-Americans. Tom Nash went onto to play 53 games with the Green Bay Packers and later for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Shiver played baseball professionally, cracking into the big leagues with the Detroit Tigers and later with Cincinnati. Both players would eventually return to Athens as coaches for the Bulldogs and are considered two of the first Southerners to ever garner national attention.

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