Friday, June 11, 2010

The Countdown 2010: 85 Days to Go

85: Horace King, Tailback #24 (1972-1974)

Horace King, a Damn Good Dawg, was one of the pioneers of UGA athletics, entering the University in 1971 as a member of the first class of African-American Football players. King was a standout at Tailback and Wingback, starting for three seasons while rushing for 1,287 yards and 19 touchdowns and earning All SEC honors in 1974. King later enjoyed a 9 year career in the NFL with the Detroit Lions. Highlights in Detroit included leading the 1979 Lions in rushing and setting, what was then, a Silverdome recored with a 74 yard run from scrimmage.

Horace was a local product from Athens High School that, according to his account in Tony Barnhart's book "What it Means to be a Bulldog", initially struggled with the decision to come to UGA until High School teammate Richard Appleby agreed to join him. Horace King was a favorite player of my father, who at the time, was a very recent graduate of the University. King worked hard for the Bulldogs both on the Gridiron and in the classroom, earning his degree in 1975, paving the way with Chuck Kennebrew, Clarence Pope, Larry West and the aforementioned Appleby for the future success of African-American athletes at UGA.

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