Sunday, September 13, 2009

BNE Pick'Em Week 2

Week 2 of college football is over and what a great weekend of games! Four of our matchups came down to the wire causing a big shift in the points standing. Meeeechigan pulled an upset over #20 ranked Notre Dame 38-34, which, with USC's come-from-behind victory in the final seconds by the freshman QB in Columbus over Ohio State, has put Meeeechigan in the driver's seat of the Big 10. Once again, the Buckeyes and the sweater vest can't manage to beat a ranked oponent, what a surprise.

For UGA fans, man you guys need to step it up! Seriously, y'all should have lost that game. Statistically speaking, SUC beat UGA in the game in every category. Were it not for Garcia looking right instead of left, "happily ever after" would not be "the end" for the Dawgs. That being said, a win is a win, and UGA managed to pull it out after a much improved performance after the first lost to OK State. Speaking of which, WTF??! #5 Okie State lost to...Houston?! This is kick in the to UGA after a black eye last week. How embarassing.

In another upset, Tennessee lost to UCLA...again. Also, Alabama cruised to an easy win after looking rough in the 1st half to FIU. Meanwhile, Florida kept rolling against the men of Troy with an easy victory. On a side note, I watched this game and it wasn't all Florida's fault; Troy beat themselves. The men of Troy couldn't complete anything and kept getting slapped in the face...literally.

Not to sound partial here, but the best game of the weekend was Mississippi State and Auburn. Last year, this game was finished with a total combined score of 5. FIVE! Another interesting fact, neither coach from that game coached in this weekend's slugfest. Traditionally, this is a low-scoring affair between two SEC West defensive powerhouses. Not this time. Auburn smacked the western Bulldogs 49-24. Also, for the second week, Auburn piled up over 500 yards of offense, with two running backs, freshman Onterio McCalebb and Ben Tate, rushing for over 100 yards each. I don't care who you like, that's impressive! Keep an eye out next week if you like the run game.

So, based on the results from week 2, here are our leaders overall:
1. Gen. Stoopangle

2. Dutch
3. calgee & ecdawg

5. OneHairyDawg

6. DawgDai, td_dawg, ugaedgar,

9. bcdawg97, dawgsman81 & allyugadawg

Results from the BNE staff:
1. aumaverick
2. BFR

3. Bubba

4. Streit

5. Earl

6. BulldawgJosh (climbing out of the celler at #43 overall and the third best record this week!)

Remember to submit your picks for week 3. The big games this week will be the Mountain Men vs. Plainsmen, Queers vs. Steers, Cocky vs. Arrogant, Criminoles vs. Saints, and the Bees vs. A Mighty Wind. Good luck!


Gov Milledge said...

We should get an update on the person who is overall last each week... i'm sure ya'll could thing of something witty here to call it

AUMaverick said...

Consider it done.

Earl said...

Streit, myself and BulldawgJosh keep lurking near the bottom ourselves...

The BNE, 3 of 5 in the bottom 10...representing the blog proudly...

Ally said...
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Ally said...

"This is kick in the to UGA after a black eye last week. How embarassing."

Yep, spoken like a true Auburn grad. Let me guess, you were a Sociology Major? How embaRRassing indeed.