Monday, August 17, 2009

Ellerbe Making An Impact At Ravens Camp

I forget which blog I originally saw this link on, but this article from Mike Peterson at the Baltimore Sun is a fantastic thing to see about a loyal Dawg, but unfortunately one that went undrafted. The Carroll County Times in Maryland also wrote another article here about Ellerbe's efforts in camp thus far.

Great quotes from Terrell Suggs on Ellerbe's talent in the Sun article, and Ellerbe speaks in both articles on how going undrafted has affected him.

Make sure to check it out, and let's hope the best for Ellerbe.

Damn Good Dawg.


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing great things from Baltimore fans about Ellerbe. He actually seems to be growing into somewhat of a fan favorite already, with a lot of people pulling for him to make the team.

IveyLeaguer said...

I'm happy for Ellerbe. He's finally putting his all out there now that his back's to the wall with his career.

But there's a reason Ellerbe didn't get drafted and it's not because of his trouble 3 years ago. That didn't help. But, along with Reshad Jones, Ellerbe was one of the problems with our defense last year, and, like Jones, Ellerbe's problem has always been between his ears.

All of this is apparent on film and the NFL didn't miss that. They won't miss it when they watch Jones, either. Like Ellerbe, Jones has physical ability.

It would be better for Jones, and much better for us Dawgs, if Jones would realize he isn't near as good as he thinks he is, set his head straight, and get his act together NOW, and not next spring.

IMHO, Jones has tougher road to hoe than Ellerbe, if he wants to get to the NFL.