Friday, August 21, 2009

Apparently we shouldn't even play this season...

... and just crown Florida champions. At least that is what the Mark Schlabach of ESPN seems to think.

I know Florida is going to be good, but to make statements like these is ridiculous:

"The Gators are going to win the SEC East in 2009. And it's not even going to be close.
It's up to the Gators to determine how difficult it's going to be.


"The SEC East is nothing more than a formality for Florida. The Gators are going to end up where they start the season -- on top of the division. "

This is the SEC, where one slip up can cost you a division title and we all know that being the best team does not automatically make you the champion. (See the Where's the Hardware posts by Bubba and Earl for further proof.)


Stephen said...

HOW RIGHT YOU ARE. I just posted along those lines myself. I do think it is a 2 team race, but to just crown them ahead of time is just plain stupid. I think there will be more teams than Florida on the fields of the SEC this year.

Someone might need to wake those idiots up and tell them there are 11 more teams with a voice to be heard.

Ally said...

Now that is a big 'ol pile of bullshit, but i hope every Floriduh player reads it and believes the hype. We know where that'll get 'ya.

Seriously, I wish Dr. Adams would revoke Mark Schlabach's diploma on the grounds of treason.

RedCrake said...

Adams probably got Schlabach to write the article on the grounds that if people think we won't win, they won't go to the games and drink filthy beer like the immoral heathens they are.

Perish the thought.

AUMaverick said...

I'm just dreaming here, but just think how funny it would be if, and I mean IF, UF did win the East and wound up playing Auburn in the SEC Championship, after the west eats itself. And then, think how funny it would be if, and I mean a BIG IF, Auburn won.

Now, what would ESPN say then? UF didn't come to play? UF had injuries, was a victim of bad officiating? Auburn got lucky? Someone cast a spell over UF? What excuses would they use to defend their golden boys?

Give me a break. The season hasn't even started and they're preaching this crap. If that's the case, I say Auburn ends up beating Florida in a crazy SEC season. Hey, it could happen, the season hasn't proven me wrong yet.