Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are They THAT Desperate for Basketball Season?

When you haven't made a bowl game since 2004 and have a combined record of 10 wins and 37 losses in the last four seasons, I guess you will do anything to draw up interest in your football program. Syracuse is apparently trying to take advantage of its fan base's love for basketball by naming former Duke point guard Greg Paulus their starting quarterback. Paulus has not played football since high school, when he was a top prospect with scholarship offers to Notre Dame and Miami. Good luck Syracuse, but most likely Paulus will end up spending most of the season on his back just like he spent a lot of time on the floor at Duke over the last few years.


walter sobchak said...

who would you start over him? did you watch duke basket ball? what he lacked there was lateral quickness. he had talent, leadership, athleticism
not saying they will be good, but probably better talent leadership than they have on depth chart and the good news is he wont be asked to out quick ncaa PGs at Cuse. they will win 2 more games because of him. might be the only two, but more

Earl said...

ACC point guard. Charlie Ward. Heisman. National champion QB. We can't expect this from Paulus?

I'm with you Streit, I wouldn't do this. But I wouldn't do it mainly b/c he has only one year of eligibility. It's not a Weinke situation of three years.

Weekly Football Predictions said...

This is a very impressive achievement for any athlete. Paulus was a star QB in HS 4 years ago and is back at QB starting. He wasn't ever the most athletic and talented PG but he has a lot of fire Hopefully he can play the whole season and is a positive impact on the team, not a publicity stunt.

Streit said...

I don't think it is a publicity stunt, but it does show something about your team when the best option you have a QB is a 5th year senior who hasn't played the game since high school.

There is no way I would take a risk like this for one season, especially with a new coach. They have chance to start fresh and building around a QB is the way to go, not trying to build for one year around a guy who will be gone the next fall.

BulldawgJosh said...

I really wish Michigan had picked him up when those rumors were going around. That'd be a great addition to the Rich Rod legacy.