Friday, September 14, 2012

The Wishlist Game 3: Florida Atlantic

Georgia pulled out a huge victory at Missouri last week that took a lot out of the team mentally and physically.  There are a number of players hurt and the focus may already be turned to Vanderbilt.  But the Dawgs should have no problem with the Owls.  Here's what I want to see:

  • Two running backs break 100 yards - Gurley did it in week 1 and Marshall has led the team in carries both week.  It's time to give Murray's arm a break and get these guys more carries.\
  • No picks for Murray - And he should be out of the game before the 4th quarter.
  • Jordan Jenkins registering a sack - He seemed to be all over the place last week.  Time to get his first sack.
  • Malcolm Mitchell catching a pass on offense - Champ 2.0...not yet.
  • Touchbacks - After kicking it deep against Buffalo, we kicked more directional last week.  This is FAU, just make them start at the 25.
  • Lynch and Rome as more than blockers - 1 catch in two games from the tight ends is not what I had in mind coming into the season.
  • A much better game from John Theus - We can't have a repeat of last week when we get into the meat of the SEC schedule.
  • Georgia 51, FAU 7 - Could we score more?  Definitely.  But Coach Richt will call of the Dawgs early.  I doubt FAU is able to move the ball much.

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