Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Wishlist Week 3: Results

As expected, the Dawgs rolled to an easy win over the Florida Atlantic Owls yesterday.  Once again, the Dawgs gave up too many yards and points to a weak opponent in the first half but they clamped down in the second.  Offensively, the Dawgs could not be stopped (with the exception of a dumb throw by Murray and total ineptitude on the part of back up Christian LeMay).  Vanderbilt comes to town next week for the first of 7 straight SEC games.  Hopefully, they got all of the early game defense lapses out of their system.

Here's how I did this week:

  • Two running backs break 100 yards -Check.  Marshall and Gurley both had over 100 yards and each scored a TD.  The future at running back looks mighty bright for the Dawgs.
  • No picks for Murray -Nope.  Murray threw a stupid pick in the end zone on his final play.  Before that, he had been absolutely brilliant, throwing for 342 yards on only 14 completions.
  • Jordan Jenkins registering a sack -Nope.  Did the Dawgs even register a sack period?  With Jarvis out, we hardly blitzed the entire game.  Not a big deal.
  • Malcolm Mitchell catching a pass on offense -Check.  Mitchell caught one pass for 45 yards.  He blew right past the coverage.  With Commings back and Rambo soon to follow, I think its time to Mitchell back on the offensive side.  He's just too good.
  • Touchbacks -Check, for the most part.  Even if we didn't kick it deep, we did not allow any big returns.
  • Lynch and Rome as more than blockers -Check.  Lynch had a huge game (despite the early fumble).  Rome didn't have a catch, but did not really have a chance to get one.
  • A much better game from John Theus -Check.  I don't think he got called for any penalties and Murray was kept off the grass for most of the game.
  • Georgia 51, FAU 7 -Close.  If not for Lemay's stupid pick, Georgia would have one by 42, dang close to my prediction of a 44 point victory.

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Anonymous said...

Loving these wish list post. Hope you keep 'em going all season Streit!

That was the most complete game I've seen Georgia play in quite a while. Hope we can keep it up, play disciplined football, and roll through this stretch we've got coming with Tennessee, U of SC, and Florida.

Go Dawgs!