Monday, October 24, 2011

Hate Week 2011: 10 Reasons I hate Florida

(Please note: This post is meant to be humorous. It is not meant to be 100% serious. Just enjoy it.)

#10 - The color orange

All of Georgia's major rivals (except Tech) wear orange. Auburn, Tennessee, and even traditional rival Clemson. The fact that Florida wears it just makes them look that much dumber.

#9 - Lack of Punishment

At Georgia, there is a mandatory suspension for players who get caught using drugs,get a DUI, or run afoul of the law. At Florida, they get an internal reprimand and still get to play in the next game. Under Meyer, the worst example was Chris Rainey (who just happens to still be with the Gators), playing against Georgia last year just a week after testing "Time to die, bitch" to his girlfriend. This fall, Marcus Roberson gets arrested for underage possession and what does he get? A written arrest and a court date that happens to be a week after the Georgia game. Well, isn't that convenient? And don't get me started on Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Spikes, etc.

#8 - Non-Floridian Florida Fans

While I think Florida fans are annoying as hell, I am a little biased because I am a Georgia grad. I hate Florida fans in the sense of hating rivals, but not for their love of their team. What I do hate are the people who claim to be Florida fans but have absolutely no ties to the University of Florida. These are typically people from the North who are NFL fans and don't have a decent team to root for. They cheer for Florida because of the media coverage that ESPN gives them and because their grandparents live in Sarasota. They claim to love the Gators, but know absolutely nothing about their history in the SEC prior to the 90's.

#7 - Their Pathetic Scheduling

Every year it is the same, a bunch of pansies in September to boost their stats and give them easy wins out of conference. I know McGarity is trying to institute some of this at Georgia, but we still played Boise this year, have a two game series with Clemson scheduled, and will play Ohio State at the beginning of the next decade. As opposed to Florida, who rarely plays away from home the first month of the season and plays the likes of Miami of Ohio, Troy, and Florida International. And don't forget all the years of scheduling off weeks before Georgia.

#6 - Tight Ends who are Quarterbacks who are Running Backs

This just annoys me. It always seems like Florida has one player that seems to play about 5 different positions and for some reason they always have career games against Georgia. Percy Harvin and Trey Burton, just to name a few.

#5 - Steve Spurrier

Even at South Carolina, the Head Ball Coach is causing issues for the Dawgs. He is the man who started this Florida domination in the series. I will hate the man til I die. At least we ruined his perfect season back in '66.

#4 - Their Best Game is Always the Cocktail Party

Whether Florida is contending for a National Championship or playing like crap, they seem to play awesome in Jacksonville. How else do you explain the Dawgs losing to a bad Florida team in 2002 when Georgia was undefeated? They will look like crap against Kentucky, but look like a juggernaut in Jacksonville. I can't explain it.

#3 - Florida brings out the worst luck for Georgia

Terrance Edwards drops a wide open pass that would have been a touchdown. Billy Bennett forgets how to kick. DJ Shockley hurts his knee against Arkansas. Penn Wagers is always assigned as ref. Shawn Williams and Kwame Geathers get suspended. Every year, something happens that helps Florida get an advantage.

#2 - They keep winning

We all know how Georgia Tech feels about us because it is the same way we feel about Florida. Until we can string together a series of consistent wins, that feeling of gloom will never change.


They are the state below us. They have a football tradition that stretches way back to 1990. Lindsay Scott ran right past them. Herschel never lost to them. We beat them 75-0 in 1946. We danced in the end zone. Leonard Pope just kept getting open. Vince ran down the field and Munson broke his chair. They are the Florida Gators, they no good sons of bitches. I hate them with every ounce of my soul. From the spiked hair backstreet frat boys to their slutty sorostitutes. They north Florida white trash who have invaded my city. Gainesville is the a-hole of the south, a city built near a swamp that claims it is a great academic institution. Sorry, you are not Vanderbilt.



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