Thursday, October 27, 2011

Final Thoughts and Prediction

Unfortunately, a busy work schedule that had me on the road a few days this week has prevented me from doing further analysis on this week's game. I will be leaving for Jacksonville in the morning, but here are my final thoughts:

  • Throw the series history to the wind. If there was ever a chance for Georgia to right the ship, now is the time. Florida has a new coach and is not the juggernaut they were during the Tebow years. Georgia needs to win to get some momentum going.
  • Brantley will help the Gators, but not that much. On a gimpy ankle, Brantley will be immobile. If Florida wins on Saturday, I do not think it will be because of Brantley. Rainey and Demps will need big days.
  • Missing Geathers and Williams will hurt in the first half, but will be great in the second. If the Dawgs keep it close in the first, I think they can wear Florida down like LSU did.
  • Crowell needs a big day. If Aaron Murray has to try and win the game, I am afraid we will lose. For their struggles, the Gators defense still allows less points per game than Georgia's does.
  • The most important match up is the Georgia line against the Florida front 7. If they can keep Murray upright and create holes, the Georgia offense should move.
I never feel good about the Florida game and this year is no exception. Of course they get Brantley back and we get guys suspended. That's how it always happens. But this year, I can honestly say we have more consistent play makers than they do. The Georgia defense has been opportunistic this season and I expect that to continue on Saturday. This game will be close, but I can see the Dawgs getting a key second half turn over that turns the tide.

Georgia 30, Florida 20

Dear god, I hope I am right on this one!


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