Friday, September 2, 2011

Game On

When the Georgia Bulldogs take the field at the Georgia Dome tomorrow night, it will have been 8 months and 4 days since their last game. The horrible ending to the 2010 campaign left a bad taste in the mouth of Bulldog Nation. An excellent recruiting class mixed with an apparent change in attitude in Athens has given us hope. Now we find out if things are really changing.

But let me clarify. Should the Dawgs lose tomorrow, it does not mean that the season is over and nothing has changed. Let's not take anything away from Boise State who has come a long way for the team that the Dawgs crushed in Athens in 2005. If the Dawgs stay competitive, don't appear to tire, and don't make many of the stupid mistakes that have plagued them in the past, then I think things will be headed in the right direction.

As for my prediction, this is a really tough one to call. I think the Dawgs will split this tough two game set to open the season, but I am not sure which game will be the win and which one will be the loss. I feel Boise State with their crazy formations and Heisman candidate quarterback are a steep challenge for the Georgia defense. I can honestly see this one close late into the game. If I have to pick, I think the Dawgs win game 2 at home against Carolina more than I think they will win tomorrow.

It will be a close game, but I think the Dawgs are going to come up just short. It pains me to write this.

Boise State 31, Georgia 27


George said...

Well, if we have to split the first two, I'd much rather be able to rub it in to SUC fans for the next year than win this one. Also, if we lose this one that close, we stay the same; if we lose next week, we throw our Atlanta hopes down the drain.

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