Thursday, September 1, 2011

Longing for a special moment

I don't know about most Georgia fans, but for me, it has been way too long since the Dawgs experienced a truly special moment. The 2009 victory over eventual ACC Champion Georgia Tech comes close, but that was more of a surprise that salvaged a bad season as opposed to something truly good for the program. Honestly, I think I have to go back to early October of 2008 when the Dawgs dismantled LSU in Death Valley, and that was only special becasue we hung 50 on them and everyone got mustache rides (inside joke). It has been a bad few years since then.

Special moments seemed to be the norm for Dawgs under Mark Richt until recently. I can think of something special that happened during every season until 2008.

2001 - The Hobnail Boot game
2002 - The win at Auburn and the SEC Championship
2003 - Shutting out Clemson to open the season
2004 - Beating Florida!
2005 - Destroying Boise, SEC Champions
2006 - Massacre on the Plains, Stafford to Massaquoi
2007 - The celebration, The Blackout and lots of dancing

But since then, it has been slim pickings. That does not mean there haven't been great plays, but just not something I would consider special. Hopefully all that changes in the Dome on Saturday night.

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Dawgfan17 said...

I am scaring myself because I am starting to get the feeling that Georgia is going to unleash a few years of frustration onto Boise come Saturday night. Trying to hold back from that feeling until I see proof on the field that things are different that the last couple years but I can't help myself.