Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We got Bucked!

Damn Boise. Damn line play. Damn secondary. Damn coaching. Just DAMN.

That's how I feel about Saturday's game. All this talk about renewed focus and better conditioning resulted in 35 Boise State points and exactly zero chance of winning the game. Even Brandon Boykin's amazing 80 yard run looks kind of bad since Boykin was dehydrated and had to miss plays afterwards. The defense was actually playing very well despite being on their side of the field the whole first half...until the last five minutes of the second quarter. And that was the turning point.

Boise State scored just before half to go up 7 and then immediately put 7 more on the board to start the second half. At that point, you knew the defense could not stop them anymore. The offense certainly did them now favors.

Why the hell was Bobo trying to have us run the spread??? We are not a spread offense. Running out of the shotgun on third and 1 at the Boise 25 was about the worst play call I have seen in my 12 plus years as a Dawg fan. If we would have scored there (even the damn chip shot field goal) I honestly feel the game is much closer.

Crowell will be good, if we ever give him some blocks. The kid can't do it all himself. "Tampa" Mitchell is scary fast and, in my opinion, should be starting next week. (It won't happen)

Jarvis Jones = bad ass. It is really going to suck not having Ogletree for the next 6 weeks.

Overall, a great day of tailgating was ruined by a piss poor effort. I have been positive in the face of the lunatics, but maybe it is just time for Coach Richt to move on. I did predict a loss, but not a domination in the veins of Alabama 2008. I love my Dawgs and I pray we get it together this weekend against Cackalacky.


Alex Gibbs Photography said...

See you guys this weekend in Athens! I'm pumped, and I'm hoping the Dawgs can get it together to send Spurrier and his visor pulled down as low as it will go all the way back to Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Lord Mike Bobo sucks. His suckage knows no bounds. If he keeps making calls, including ordering a pizza things will be very bad in Athens.

See You all in november.

Uncle Dawg said...

This is the same Georgia team as last year, minus A.J. Green. We have head coach problems which will not be corrected until our new AD decides to clean house. With the talent the Dawgs have year in and year out, we should be a top 10 or top 5 team every year... the NFL draft confirms this each year. I hope we beat the chickens, and even if we do, I won't be convinced the problems and complacency we've seen over the last 3 years have been corrected. All the sunshine pumpers can keep pumping away; the future will prove me correct.