Friday, September 23, 2011

10 Things About Ole Miss and This Week's Prediction

Georgia will be in Oxford tomorrow to take on the lowly Rebels of Mississippi. Is it fair to call them lowly? When you just got drubbed 30-7 by Vanderbilt and you don't play in division 1-AA or the WAC, then yes. Here are 10 things to know about Ole Miss:

1. Their mascot is now the Ole Miss Black Bear. This is after they got rid of Colonel Reb and they had students vote on who the new mascot should be. The bear won over the likes of the land shark. They should have went with Admiral Ackbar (damn you George Lucas!)

2. They haven't won a conference championship since 1963. That is a long time for a team that some consider to be a good football school.

3. They replaced Coach O with Houston Nutt and after winning back to back Cotton Bowls after the 2008 and 2009 seasons, the Rebels have looked terrible. Maybe they should have kept Coach O and the wild boyz.

4. While I have never been to the Grove, I have heard it is amazing. Too bad the campus administrators took away Georgia's only area that was even remotely close (North Campus).

5. That being said, why the hell do Ole Miss fans hang chandeliers under the tents at tailgates. It just seems strange.

6. Eli Manning was better than college than he has been in the NFL, but in college they couldn't win a conference championship, let alone a national title. In the NFL, Eli helped the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots.

7. Dexter McCluster and Patrick Willis are two of my favorite SEC players of all time. I loved watching Willis club people with the cast on his hand during his senior year.

8. Ole Miss has put up horrible numbers on both offense and defense this year against pathetic competition. They are probably better than the numbers indicate. But Georgia's defense is also much better than the statistics indicate (especially scoring defense).

9. I can't name a single current Ole Miss player off the top of my head right now. That is how bad they are.

10. Georgia should not lose this game. This would be about on the level of losing to Colorado last year.

Georgia 41, Ole Miss 20

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