Monday, May 23, 2011

Offical Post Spring Depth Chart: Instant Reaction

Coach Richt has released the official post spring depth chart and there are definitely some surprises. Here are my thoughts:

Tailback - We all knew Caleb King would be #1 coming out of spring. But Carlton Thomas at 2 and Brandon Harton (all 5'6'' of him) ahead of Ken Malcome? What did Malcome do to piss Coach Richt off? i thought he ran the ball well in the G-Day game. Something just doesn't seem right. But I guess it won't really matter too much once Crowell gets on campus.

Corner - Boykin on one side was a given but the other side was a guess. Sanders Commings has the lead, can he really hold off Branden Smith and the incoming freshmen?

Linebacker - Depth seems to be an issue. I guess it is a good thing that we have a lot of freshmen who could come in at outside linebacker. I also think signing Kent Turene was a big pick up after seeing all the walk-ons in the current depth chart.

Safety - Wow, that position looks pretty weak. I know Ogletree will be a beast at linebacker, but dang, that leaves the cupboard dry.

So what are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Malcome was injured most of spring practice... hence his current spot.

Linebacker aren't thin. With the incoming class, this will be GA strength and the best LB in the country. Just wait and see.

The seconday is the issue. But with the impact of John Jenkins coming in, Kwame Geathers having an incredible spring, I expect more pressure up front and by default improving the secondary. Commings will end up playing in Ogletree's spot and Nick Marshall or Branden Smith will be the starter opposite of Boykin.