Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Before this season, I wrote about the Trade School calling me in reference to buying season tickets just a couple weeks before the season started.

Today, I received the following e-mail from the Georgia Tech Athletic Association today:

"We still have a limited number of tickets available for this Saturday's kickoff at 6pm between #19 Georgia Tech and #4 Virginia Tech. Tickets are just $50 for what could be the game of the year in the ACC. Don't miss it when these two high powered teams collide on Grant Field!

To purchase tickets NOW go to http://ramblinwreck.com/tickets or call the Georgia Tech Ticket Office from 8am-5pm at 404-894-5447 or 1-888-832-4849.

We hope to see you again this Saturday!"

Tech's bandwagon has steadily grown since the end of their season last year, and even more so with the start of this season.

If you're school is so great (it's not), and you guys are such dedicated fans (you're not), then why is the game that your own athletic department is saying will be the biggest game of the season still not sold out? It should have sold out before the season, along with your season tickets, let alone several days before the game.

All the bandwagoners better buy these tickets if they ever want to be taken seriously. Oh, wait...they are bandwagon fans, it is not possible to take them seriously.

When you encounter a nerd attempting to talk trash (they will do a poor job of it), ask them if they even bothered to show up to their games.




Bubba said...

Beat the rush, hate Tech early.

Stephen said...

sex kills. Go to Tech and Live forever!!!

Unknown said...

Do you think Georgia Tech University has a solar-powered bandwagon?