Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dragon*Con vs. Dawgs in the Dome Fails

It looks like the attempts to have Dragon*Con invade the Georgia Dome during a Dawgs vs. Nerds game has died.

This is a great thing for the Trade School. Considering they have not even sold out of tickets for the BIGGEST ACC GAME IN EXISTENCE, EVAAAH!!!, they shouldn't be playing Georgia in an even bigger venue than Bobby Dodd.

While their attempts to stage the game the same weekend as Dragon*Con and secretly plan an invasion of overweight superheroes and storm troopers into the Dome, such a plan is never full proof.

After all, if Lou Ferrigno were to hold his autograph session at the same time as the game, all of the nerds would abandon the invasion in favor of the green monster.

The ultimate downfall of the Georgia Tech & Dragon*Con alliance



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AUMaverick said...

Don't make Lou Feregno angry!!!