Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is still football, right?

Remember when football used to be about bone-crushing hits? I guess not anymore.

This hit by Reshad Jones was called for a penalty because of the NCAA's new rules to protect players. I would be okay with the call if Reshad had done the main thing which warrants this penalty, leading with your head. But in this case, you can clearly see him lower his shoulder to make the hit.

Players like Thomas Davis and Greg Blue made a living off these types of hits. I guess the days of tough football are over.


Michael J Fischer said...

Honestly, i remember seeing this live and thinking goddamn it, Reshad has done it again.

Only after seeing it in slow motion 100 times am I convinced it wasn't dirty. He probably meant to jack him up.

My biggest complaint is that the similar OSU hit wasn't flagged. Consistency, come on now.

HamDawg11 said...

Man, please tell me this was discussed at the Big XII officials meeting this week! I guess I don't understand the rule, but in the past century this has been deemed a legal hit.

If they're not gonna let 'em play, just put sissy little flags on 'em!!!

Give me a friggin' break.

alex gibbs said...

I love how the commentators even said the same kind of thing. It blew me away when I saw that hit, and immediately thought of Greg Blue. I was pumped! Then I saw the flags flying and I almost flipped the coffee table in front of me.

I thought part of football was about hard hits?

I hope our boys don't get discouraged from this and keep hitting hard!

UGA69Dawg said...

Since a helmet to helmet is so hard to see clearly I think the NCAA should make the call reviewable. If the booth ref sees it is not a cheap shot he could just buzz the ref and they could pick up the flag. Otherwise the hard hitting will be gone from the game and flag football will be all we have.

j said...

Amazing that 4 or 5 refs could see the "illegal" hit, and yet they make the call it on Bacarri Rambo, who was several yards from the play.

Earl said...

Agree with UGA69Dawg about the reviewable play...the game moves so fast that something like that is too hard to see sometimes.