Monday, September 7, 2009

BNE Pick'Em Week 1

Week 1 of college football is over and already we've seen upsets and giants fall. The biggest upset of course was BYU upsetting Oklahoma and former Heisman winner Sam Bradford falling hard on his shoulder, which may be a season-ending injury for Sam and OU.

In other results, our top games and picks showed some surprising results. 82% of you picked against BYU resulting in a lot of lost points. Also, 96% picked the favorite UGA to beat OSU in a disappointing game for the Dawgs. One of the most surprising games was LaTech and Auburn, with Auburn beating the spread and its critics with a decisive victory and over 500 yards of offense. Rounding out the picks, Boise State smacked Oregon and the ducks in the face (or was it the other way around?) with a big win, and the majority of you picked correctly with Arkansas and Tennessee to have big openers.

Based on the results from week 1, here are our leaders:
1. Gen. Stoopangle
2. dawgman81
3. ugaedgar
4. DawgDai
5. ecdawg & calgee
7. Dutch
8. onehairydawg & allyugadawg
10. not accost me while I am drinking! & bcdawg87

Results from the BNE staff:

1. aumaverick

2. BFR

3. Bubba

4. Streit

5. Earl

6. BulldawgJosh (way to underachieve at #48 and the worst record overall)

Remember to submit your picks for week 2. The big games will be Miss.State vs. Auburn, SUC vs. UGA, and USC vs. Ohio State. Good luck!

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Paul said...

Stoopnagle all up in this hizzah!

Get the Coor's on ice, brothers and see yo tomorro!