Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes

As a Hartman fund donor, I was given the opportunity to purchase Single Game tickets through today. Once again this season, we did not have enough points to get season tickets, so I hopped on the chance to secure tickets to some of the home games this fall. The following tickets were available: South Carolina, Arkansas, Arizona State, Tennessee Tech, and Kentucky.

I was very surprised to see tickets for the South Carolina and Kentucky games available. Arizona State and Arkansas are both very far away and Tennessee Tech is a cupcake 1-AA school so I expected these games would be available. But South Carolina, who considers Georgia one of its main rivals, and Kentucky, who typically travels extremely well, I did not expect to be available. The tickets to purchase were from the left overs returned by visiting teams (exception being Arkansas since it was an away game) and usually SEC rivals always buy all their tickets (hence Auburn and LSU not being on this list). Is the economy combined with lowered expectations for the Dawgs in 2009 really enough to keep Kentucky and South Carolina fans away from Athens?

This time last season, the exact opposite seemed to happen. Thousands of Georgia fans were gearing up for cross country trips to Arizona and Louisiana and there was not a ticket to be found for the home opener against 1-AA Georgia Southern. When they placed extra tickets on sale last year, there was only one game that ended up being available (Central Michigan).

One year...what a difference.

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Stephen said...

There werent that many for SC available at all..I was shocked too and attempted to buy some extras for the SC game.

at 8:57, 8:58 and 8:59 the page called them unavailable and "not for sale"

I refreshed constantly and @ 9:00am, i said add to said "sold out" and unable to find tickets for this they sold out with RECORD time..haha...