Monday, January 5, 2009

Capital One Bowl - Post Game Celebration

The team had a fun time celebrating after the victory over Michigan State.


Tom said...

maybe if they did less of that during the year the Dawgs would have been in a BCS game

BFR said...

Uggghhh...I can only imagine the things I would be saying about any other team who celebrated this way... It wouldn't be pretty. I'm glad they're having fun after a bowl win. The whole bowl experience is supposed to be a celebration in a way, but I really second Uttles' statement above and hope this is out of everyone's system until after a big bowl win next year.

Ally said...

I don't know, I think they've earned it in a way. It's been a hell of a rocky year with lots of disappointments. They've been under a microscope since Spring & taken a lot of heat when we lost & even when we won.

We had more than 20 season ending injuries, 16 of those would've played in the Bowl game. Yet we still won 10 games, and played on New Years.

I can see your point BFR, but I hope this isn't the last time we see them having fun after a win - especially when its with our fans & the Band. And I really hope its not the last time I see Knowshon dance in silver britches.

And Uttles, by clicking your profile It appears you are a Clemson fan, correct? That explains a lot actually. If I were a Clemson fan I wouldn't understand it nor have reason to celebrate either. I mean at least we KNOW what it feels like to be in a BCS Bowl & win a Championship. I'm just sayin'.

Tom said...

Well then I'm sure you noticed how hypercritical I am of Clemson for having such low expectations and never even living up to them...

but anyway I am a Clemson fan first and foremost but also a UGA fan as I went to grad school there and have a lot of family that are Dawgs. I always hope for the best for UGA with the rare exception of when they play Clemson.

Long story short, they fell short of everyone's expectations this year and I think it had a lot to do with the "party it up" attitude that several of the players publicly displayed. Hopefully they've learned their lesson.