Friday, January 9, 2009

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #14

NOTE: The National Championship is worth 8 points.

Ally, Ann&Bob, AUMaverick, Jason and Joe picked Ball St, so everyone else got a point for Tulsa.

I'll post the final rankings and some bowl pool award later on, but as for the game, BFR, Jason, Joe, SRQDawg15, and Streit were the only ones to pick the Sooners, so they lost!

Here were the rankings going into last night's CHOKElahoma extravaganza.


SRQDawg15 - 40pts.
Earl - 39pts.
Streit - 38pts.
Ally - 36pts.
Stephen S. - 36pts.
Bubba - 34pts
ThinkingBulldog - 31pts.
Jason W. - 30pts.
BFR - 30pts.
BulldawgJosh - 30pts.
AUMaverick - 28pts.
Ann & Bob - 27pts.
Joe P. - 19pts.


Anonymous said...

No Respect! 31 points and still behind Jason W in the polls! This bowl pool needs a playoff system.

BulldawgJosh said...