Monday, January 5, 2009

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #12

NOTE: Today's Fiesta Bowl is worth 5 points.


The majority won on Saturday with the UCONN victory.

Bubba, Stephen, Jason, and Joe were the only ones to pick Buffalo.

Tejas vs. Ohio Losers

The majority picked the Longhorns in an 11/2 split.

Ann & Bob and Joe were the only ones to pick Ohio State.


SRQDawg15 - 34pts.
Earl - 33pts.
Streit - 32pts.
Ally - 31pts.
Stephen S. - 30pts.
Bubba - 28pts
Ann & Bob - 27pts.
Jason W. - 25pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 25pts.
BFR - 24pts.
BulldawgJosh - 24pts.
AUMaverick - 23pts.
Joe P. - 19pts.

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