Thursday, November 13, 2008

BulldawgJosh and Bubba's 80's Video of the Week

This was a difficult week to pick a Video. As some people may have noticed, B'NE friend and Auburn University graduate AUMaverick has been clamoring for Genesis' 1986 hit "Land of Confusion." BulldawgJosh and I have been trying to avoid using this video all season in an effort to egg him on.

Just for you Maverick, here is Phil Collins' 1981 solo hit "In the Air Tonight":

We put this video up because the only thing that should be in the air Saturday night at Auburn is the remaining stench of the Tiger Offense. Mr. Collins also said that he wrote this song while he was going through a divorce and API will have a nasty one if they decide to fire ole Tommy Tubbs.

Actually, to ease the pain of AUMaverick's season, we will honor his request:

However, the most confusing thing is why AUMaverick is not going to the game with us.


AUMaverick said...

FINALLY!! Its about damn time too!

I appreciate the recognition. And why am I not attending the game? 1230 on the Plains, 0430 wake up calls, drinking WAY TOO MUCH with Reeves and the B n E crew, being on-call for the 3rd straight weekend, all adds up to one tired Maverick.

BFR said...
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BFR said...

This explanation leaves out his argument posed to me last night that it's not worth the exhaustion or expense to go watch a 5-5 Auburn team. A perfectly understandable sentiment...however, as I warned AUMaverick, if you're not willing to stand by your team in a rivalry game when they're 5-5 you are forfeiting your right to brag, boast, celebrate, or otherwise enjoy calling yourself a fan of said team when (and if) their on-field record improves to a respectability record. Go Dawgs--and there should be one less person from whom I'll have to hear "War Damn Eagle."

AUMaverick said...