Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bubba Says...

Kirk Herbstreit, you are a tool and for no other reason than I said so.

Yes, you do in fact wear too much self tanner and we know, you played QB at the Ohio State University.

Just so everyone remembers, you were not very good:

Yes, that nice Michigan man fell on you and it probably had something to do with the fact that he also thought you were a tool. Perhaps he was jealous that you were the 1988 Ohio High School Player of the Year for football and couldn't handle your greatness. I don't know.

Bubba doesn't have all of the answers, but he does know that you are a tool.

*This article was in no way meant to offend or harm the feelings of his toolness, Kirk Herbstreit.


Ally said...

Oh yeah, he's a tool alright. And I'm about sick & damn tired of his floirduh love affair. Enough already. Mrs. Herbstriet has to be wondering whether her too-tanned hubby is living life on the "down low" given his penchant to cream himself on air over Timmy Teblow. Seriously.

But Jim Rome is the king of tools. An even bigger tool than Herby. And I realize that is hard to fathom.

Jim Rome apparently thinks CMR's not a very good coach and needs to be fired. I guess being one of the winningest coaches in college football isn't enough for that douchebag.

Earl said...

Something happened between CMR and Jim Rome. I think they got into a disagreement on air over Georgia's discipline last year. You know, Georgia's the one that has players firing AK-47s and using dead people's credit cards. Oh no, wait, that's not Georgia.

Anyways, Rome's personality reminds me of Urban Meyer. And that personality clashes with CMR's. That's why he doesn't like CMR. He doesn't understand CMR, and he never will because, as you said, Rome's a douchebag. I'm guessing that Rome thinks CMR puts on an act when in reality, everything that CMR does has a point.

Basically, Rome's a douchebag and Richt isn't, and Rome has a hard time accepting/understanding that.

Ally said...

Yeah you'r right, CMR had an "agreement" with Jim Rome before being interviewed last year. Some ares of discipline were not to be mentioned. Rome lied & broke the agreement - what a shock! Afterwards, CMR confronted him & said he wouldn't go on the show anymore. Hence the vendetta.

Rome is worse than a girl. He got his panties in a wad & won't let it go. Douchebag only begins to describe this pathetic excuse for a human.

Anonymous said...

Herby is just another example of the conspiracy of ESPN to hire Analysts who during their college careers lost to UGA!!