Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Many Faces of Aubie

Aubie is probably the most goofy and lamest mascot, ever. He is almost as cartoonish as Sparky from Arizona State (who was drawn by a Disney artist).

However, Aubie deserves a category of his own. Not only is he one of the least threatening tigers you will ever meet, but he is remarkably versatile. I'll let the following pictures speak for themselves.

Aubie as Santa Claus

Aubie on a bike with Joe Pesci hair

Aubie winning trophies at the mascot karate championships

Aubie at the disco

Aubie trying to get some tail on the field

Aubie flying planes and serving our country

Aubie riding a bike (again) into your grandmother's bushes

Aubie feeding horses on the farm

Aubie baby-sitting kids at the park

Aubie posing for the cover of Playgirl

Aubie giving signals to the basketball team

Aubie auditioning to become Hugh Hefner

Kudos to you, Aubie. You are a hard working mascot. James Brown would be proud, except he was a Dawgs fan. You lose, again.


BFR said...

James Brown was a client of mine when I worked at the bank in Augusta. I happen to know that he was, in fact, a Dawgs fan because he enjoyed the weekly appearance of my red coat and Georgia tie every Friday at the bank. Go Dawgs!

Earl said...

Good story, BFR. Dooley's Junkyard Dawgs...

AUMaverick said...

I appreciate your respect for one of the country's most beloved mascots. As for the other 'Tiger' from that lame-ass, copycat school in South Cackalacky...does anyone else thing he has really creepy eyes?

Can everyone agree Al the Gator uses too much gel? Cocky looks like he's wearing a dress? The Wildcat needs a tan? Buzz needs glasses (or Clear Eyes)? Alabama's elephant needs Viagra (limp-ass trunk)? And all inflatable mascots suck?

BFR said...

All inflatable mascots perhaps...with the exception of Spike, UGA's inflatable basketball bulldog. I went drinking with him once in college and the guy in the suit was awesome.

Streit said...

Did anyone catch Aubie dressed as a turkey during the game on Saturday?

BulldawgJosh said...

Because we go to road games, we saw it in person and I have a picture of it.