Friday, October 14, 2011

Vanderbilt Preview

Things Vanderbilt does well:
  • Produce major league pitchers
  • Shoot three pointers
  • Being really smart
  • Churning out future CEOs
Things Vanderbilt does not do well:
  • Run the football
  • Pass the football
  • Score points on offense
  • Win games in the SEC
If this was baseball or academics, I might feel threatened. But fortunately, it is just football. Vanderbilt's defense is much better than their offense, but it won't be enough to make up for their complete lack of ability to move the football. Georgia should have good field position all game long without relying on big plays. The offense scores enough to make it comfortable and then goes into zombie mode. We may even have Hutson Mason and Ken Malcome sightings in the second half. Defense continues to dominate.

Georgia 34, Vanderbilt 7

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