Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid Season Grades and Awards

At the halfway point of the 2011 football season, the Georgia Bulldogs sit at a record of 4-2 tied with South Carolina for first place in the SEC East. And while they do not control their own destiny to get to Atlanta, there are in a good position to be there when it all shakes out. If you asked most Georgia fans if they would be satisfied with 4-2, I think most would have said yes. Considering the Dawgs were 2-4 at this same point last year (including losses to Miss State and Colorado) and I thin I am pretty satisfied. Here are my grades for the first half as well as some superlatives. I will continue my mid season report tomorrow with a look at Georgia's youth movement.

Offense (Overall): B-
Quarterbacks: B
Tailbacks: B+
Tight Ends/Fullbacks: A
Offensive Line: C -
Play Calling: C

Defense (Overall): A
Defensive Line: B+
Linebackers: A
Secondary: B+
Defensive Coaching: A-

Special Teams: B-
Place Kicking: C-
Kickoff Coverage: B-
Punting: A
Punt Coverage Coverage: B
Returns: B
Special Team Coaching: B

Overall Team MVP: Brandon Boykin
Offensive MVP: Isaiah Crowell
Defensive MVP: Shawn Williams

Biggest Surprise (Offense): Carlton Thomas/ Malcolm Mitchell
Biggest Surprise (Defense): Mike Gilliard

Biggest Disappointment: Blair Walsh


Anonymous said...

Play calling grade? What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

"If you asked most Georgia fans if they would be satisfied with 4-2, I think most would have said yes."

25 Juniors and 22 Seniors on my Media Guide page 10 Official Depth Chart for 2011 and you are doing a piece tomorrow about our YOUTH MOVEMENT because we have 2 freshman, both beat-up, who did well against 4 cupcakes; and, we are supposed to agree with you that most would have said oh heck yeah, we are doing great having beat Coastal Carolina a 1-AA team with no offense, no special teams, no running back and no quarterback and plays in the Big South. Having beat Ole Miss who lost to Vandie 7-30 and has 0 conference wins. Having beat Missy State who has only beat UAB, Memphis and Louisiana Tech whom they just beat in Overtime; and has 0 conference wins. And, having beat the vols who have beat Montana, Cincinnati and Buffalo and has 0 conference wins.

If you are SATISFIED with THAT, you are the PROBLEM we have with our football program nowadays # 27 in won/lost record after 2005 through today. I am NOT satisfied and I know for a FACT that I am 1 of MOST BULLDOGS' FANS when I say that I am not satisfied. Good heavens.

Streit said...

Wow, and Mr. Negative Anonymous is back folks!

Riddle me this, how many seniors start on defense? I'll answer that - 2.

Oh, and just for the record here are the list of freshmen and sophomores who are currently making an impact for the Dawgs right now: Aaron Murray, Kenarious Gates, Isaiah Crowell, Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, Kwame Geathers, Jarvis Jones, Amarlo Herrera, and Garrison Smith.

Anonymous said...

Players we could have had playing 2011, how they all left

Missing from Vandie game whom all could have played :

01-OG Kolton Houston - R Fr NCAA eligibility
02-OT Jonathan Owens – Redshirt Junior 2011, medical disqualification
03-OL Brent Benedict - RFr. — Transferred to Virginia Tech
04-OL Tanner Strickland - Sr. — left program not playing senior year injury
05-OL Trinton Sturdivant - Sr. — knee injury
06-OL Chris Little – R Jr Transfer NW C College then Southern U ineligible
07-OL A.J. Harmon - Jr. — Transferred to Alabama State
08-OG Ben Harden – would be Senior 2011
09-TB Washaun Ealey - Jr. – Transferred to Jacksonville State
10-TB Dontavius Jackson - would be RJr transferred to UAB
11-TB Caleb King – would have been senior 2011
12-WR AJ Green – would have been Senior 2011
13-WR Lonnie Outlaw – Sophomore failed Qualify 2010, Ga Military
14-WR Walter Hill – would be Senior 2011 kicked off team
15-WR Logan Gray- Senior Transfer Colorado
16-QB Zach Mettenberger – would be R Sophomore 2011, kicked off, LSU
17-DE Jeremy Longo - Jr. — Medically disqualified
18-DE Montez Robinson – would be redshirt sophomore 2011, kicked off
19-DE Jalen Fields, - would be Sophomore failed to Qualify 2010
20-DE Justin Houston – would have been senior 2011
21-NT Chris Mayes – Dream Team 2011 failed Qualify, MS Gulf Coast
22-LB Kent Turene – Dream Team 2011 failed Qualify, Jireh Prep NC
23-LB Demetre Baker - Sophomore - kicked off team
24-LB Marcus Dowtin - Jr. — Transferred to North Alabama
25-ILB Brandon Burrows - RFr wait until Fall for surgery lost for year
26-OLB Cornelius Washington - suspension could not hide from fans
27-SS Nick Williams – Senior 2011, transferred North Alabama
28-FS Jakar Hamilton - Senior injured, transfer out
29-CB Derek Owens – Sophomore transfer 9/26/11
30-CB Chis Sanders - Tucker RFr shoulder surgery out season 9/28/11

Steit, riddle me this : whose fault is this ?

Streit said...

Do you honestly think ANY coach could have made AJ Green come back for his senior year? Is it Coach Richt's fault that Caleb King could not keep his grades up as a 5th year senior who has every available resource to help him. Logan Gray made no impact. Mettenberger committed assault, he deserved to be kicked off.

I won't continue. My point is, most of these players did something to deserve not being at Georgia any longer. Injuries happen. I feel the team is headed in the right direction, sorry if you don't I had realistic expectations this season after 6-7 last year. I want to see us win every game, but I understand that it takes time to make changes. Watching the team play the last few weeks tells me something has changed. And maybe getting rid of the bad apples was part of the process.

My Anonymous, you like to make bold statements, but why do feel the need to hide your identity. I post my thoughts in plain sight on this blog every few days. I advise you to do the same. I am not trying to discount your opinions. Hell, I may even let you write your own guest post.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, I believe the coach is responsible for all 85 Scholarships. When this many for 1 season are not here day after tomorrow who should be there, then well yes, this is an issue. Honestly. And, I know you know this. It's a problem and if Good Riddance to the bunch of them, then the decisions made, are decisions which will be made AGAIN, won't they ? Next year's scholarship group going to have this many not there - kicked off, flunked out, never qualified, didn't fit in, could not follow rules, play here 2 years or 3 and go to NFL while the team rebuilds like this, again ?

Anonymous said...

Different "anonymous" I swear...

Happy,very happy in fact to see the "D" improve and have a "D" coach with Pollack-esque, high motor, "hell YAH" attitude, really enjoying that.

That said, your grading system for offense which i feel is in large part fair and accurate makes a glaring point: exclusive of the significant benefits and impact that Murray and other players provide, Mike Bobo is unquestionably the reason for the lack of a higher grade. Frankly his impact leaves a gaping hole in what can be in all aspects be a superb football team. What puzzles me is why its never addressed in the manner of the whole "Willie" debacle. Anyway great blog, keep it going.