Monday, August 22, 2011

Weighing in on the Uniforms

Alright, now that everyone had has gotten their anger and frustration out, here are my honest opinions on the Nike Pro Combat uniforms the Dawgs will wear in the Dome.

- I don't mind the red jersey and red pants. One of the most famous clips in Georgia history features red pants and at least we got to keep our red jerseys. I am just glad it is not black on black, cause that would have been awful.

- The silver helmet doesn't look too bad...except for that stupid red stripe. If it was just a thin red stripe like the white one on our regular helmets, it would have been great.

- These are definitely not as bad as they could have been. I still think the black pants and helmets from two years ago are worse.

- We only have to wear them for one game, so we can have a burning party after the Boise game to get rid of them.

- I am very glad that the helmet features our regular G logo instead of something like a Bulldog with his hat backwards like this:
- The players like them, but this is definitely not a motivational ploy. Nike required us to do this. The people complaining about Richt doing this for fake juice need to shut up.

While that may not be perfect, they could have been a lot worse. In two weeks, the uniforms will just be a memory.


Gov Milledge said...

I think I would have liked it if they had gone with the block G for the game.

I'm really hoping that first game next year, they do something to honor the 1942 team and go silver helmet, block G, red jersey and white britches

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would've loved to have seen Nike Combat silver britches, but seeing as how it's only for 1 game it's not really a big deal. The gloves, however, are sick. Wish the players could wear those all season.

Agreed Streit about the Flariduh black unis. Good God those (and that game) were heinous.

Love MT's idea about honoring the '42 team!

Did y'all see the Nike video introducing the combat uniforms? Nice of them to insert "Get After Them Aggressively" heh.

Stephen said...

Gotta agree wth you. well said. I wouldnt mind seeing the red pants in knoxville again with another FRESHMAN RB running over someone.... but only wear them if we announce in advance that we are doing that for road games..

or its another "motivational" thing.

I cant believe people arent educated enough to realize this has been in the works since the spring game... the pres of the game SAID both teams would wear their home colors.. I knew something was up then..

dean said...

I actually like them. Not that I want to see them every week during the season but for alternate uniforms they're not bad. However to all the morons who think these, or any other, uniforms have an impact on the outcome of the game please take a hot bath with a warm toaster. We don't need anymore stupidity in the world.

Anonymous said...

The unis have grown on me. I don't love them but for one game, it's ok. I showed them to my 15 & 11 year-old daughters, and they loved them. I guess it's a generational thing.

Anonymous said...

The block G has very limited tradition. It was on 3 games only in Johnny Griffith's last (and forgetable) season in 63. The tradition was simply silver hats. That would have been great. These things are awful.

Having said that, it is only one game. If the kids like em, fine. We go back to the best uni in all of CFB on the 10th.

Gov Milledge said...
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Gov Milledge said...

I think we are forever compelled to have a G on a silver helmet, block or otherwise, or else we look like those reprobates who play at the Horseshoe.

Amanda said...

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