Monday, August 15, 2011

The Countdown 2011: 19 Days to Go

QB Mike Tamburo, #6

With the Munson-esque cautious skepticism of our first game starting to crop up online, it definitely is starting to feel like football is almost here, with seemingly only a quick trip to stock up on bourbon left before kickoff on Labor Day weekend.
Phillips-Union Cherry blend; goes down surprisingly smooth at September Gameday temperature.

One interesting blurb that I read in the spring and immediately forgot may have a slight impact for our first game: redshirt sophomore transfer QB Mike Tamburo, #6 of the Georgia Bulldawgs (and formerly #9 of the Boise State Smurfs).

The beat writers mentioning that Tamburo has not been asked yet about the Broncos' playbook, implying that game planning for Boise State has (obviously) not yet begun, brought the transfer QB back to mind.

Tamburo, who graduated from North Gwinnett in 2009 and chose Boise over several other D-I schools, suffered a torn ACL his first season up North and lingered at the bottom of the BSU depth chart ever since.

What sort of a weapon could Tamburo be? Inevitably he will be part of the scout team offense during Boise State prep, either in a wide receiver role (which he filled part-time with Boise) or more obviously as the scout QB (as seen in his Youtube HS highlight reel, or as a former "Brother in Arms"-- see below). With the (theoretical) 20-hour NCAA limit on mandatory team activities capping practice time in-season and the 29 practice limit on fall preseason practices, any insights on quickly implementing a realistic BSU simulation should help the Dawgs.

The kickoff game versus Boise State will likely not be of the 2005 vintage; any insight on the margins about the Smurf offense, player tendencies which may not show up on tape or ability to assist game film analysis will help out immeasurably.

Expect to hear a few more blurbs on Tamburo as your liquor shelves are stocked and Gameday crawls oh so slowly nearer...
The newest Dawg in his former colors on the far left. Maybe Boise State will reprint this poster and sell it in a similar fashion as the Cleveland Cavs' owner.

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