Friday, June 17, 2011

The Countdown 2011: 78 Days to Go

Reasons to Love Athens: Feta and Fries at the Grill

(Note: This is the first in a series of posts on this year's countdown about the home of our Georgia Bulldogs, Athens)

One of the reason Athens is known as a great college town is the abundance of great restaurants. From fine cuisine to a late night snack, the Classic City has a little something for everyone. For those of us that spent many a night at the bars downtown, the last choice of the night was often to pick between one of two places: Little Italy or the Grill. And while I loved getting a few slices of pizza, nothing beats the french fries with feta at The Grill.

The Grill has been open on College Avenue for over 20 years and is the perfect late night destination for the hungry college student. When you end up hungry after a night downtown this fall, head on over to The Grill and order the fries. You won't be disappointed!


JJBA said...

One of the best options in Athens regardless of time of day!

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