Friday, May 28, 2010

The Countdown 2010: 99 Days to Go

Today, we present our only punter on the list of the 100 greatest players in Georgia history. Like AJ Green, this player is also still active and has two years of eligibility left. This will be the final active player to appear in the countdown.

Drew Butler, Punter #13 (2008 – Present)

Being the son of legendary Bulldog kicker Kevin Butler, Drew Butler had large shoes to fill when he accepted a scholarship out of Peachtree Ridge High School. Butler red shirted in 2007 and was the back up to senior Brian Mimbs during the 2008 season. Butler was used sparingly in short punt situations in 2008, punting 3 times for 107 yards. Going into the 2009 season, many Georgia fans were concerned if Butler would be able to continue on the excellent job punters (Kilgo, Ely-Kelso, Mimbs) had done under Coach Right. By the end of the season, no one would question Butler’s ability.

In the 2009 season, Drew Butler won the Ray Guy Award given annually to the top collegiate punter in the nation. He was unanimous All-American selection and first team All-SEC. And why did Butler walk away with these awards? Because he was the best punter in the nation and the competition was not even close. Butler punted 56 times for 2,691 yards which included 19 punts that were downed inside the opponents’ 20 yard line. His 48.1 yard per punt average led the country by nearly a two yard per punt average. That same differential (2 yards) that Butler had between himself and the #2 punter in the country equaled the distance between the #2 punter and the #15 punter. Butler also kicked a career long punt of 75 yards in the 2009 season opener against Oklahoma State.

It was truly an amazing season for Butler in Athens and with two years of eligibility remaining, we can only expect continued excellence from Butler over the next two years.


Gov Milledge said...

I assume part of this ranking is the fact that he has 2 years of eligibility remaining that he will absolutely use, plus the fact that, on paper at least, he should be a finalist for the Ray Guy award both of those years.

Hardware + potential 3 time All-American

Anonymous said...

Also gotta wonder if punting numbers decline with a better QB who moves us further down the field so he doesn't have to kick as far...