Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Countdown 2010: The 100 Greatest Players in Georgia Football History - Special Edition

Tomorrow, we begin the countdown of the 100 greatest players in Georgia history. But today, before the countdown begins, I felt we should honor a non-Georgia player who played an integral part in four straight victories over Georgia Tech. So here is the 101st Greatest Player in Georgia Football History...
Reggie Ball, Quarterback #1 (2003 – 2006)

2003 – In first start against Georgia, the freshman was unable to find any type of rhythm, completing only 8 out of his 16 pass attempts. The game would ultimately end early for Reggie, after colliding with a member of the Georgia training staff caused him to sustain an injury. He was replaced by AJ Suggs and did not return. Georgia won the game, 34-17.

2004 – Georgia Tech rallied to get within 3 points before David Greene led the Dawgs to a field goal to take 19-13 lead in the fourth quarter. Reggie Ball helped drive tech down the field. On third and 21 from the Georgia 32, he spiked the ball because he said the sideline markers read second down. On fourth down he threw the ball away under Pollack's pressure after seeing third down on the scoreboard. Was it just me , or did I learn to count to 4 in kindergarten?

2005 – After a touchdown pass from DJ Shockley gave Georgia a 14-7 fourth quarter lead, Reggie Ball drove Tech quickly down the field (included a long quarterback run). But despite having Calvin Johnson, the best receiver in the country, to throw to, Ball instead threw an ill-advised pass towards Damarius Bilbo. The pass was picked off by Tim Jennings and the Dawgs held on for the victory.

2006 – In Ball’s final season at Georgia Tech, the Jackets came to Athens having already clinched a spot in the ACC Championship game. The Jackets were favored, but the game turned into a defensive battle. Georgia was unable to score a touchdown until a fumble by Reggie Ball was picked up from a pile up by Tony Taylor. Georgia scored late in the 4th quarter to take a 3 point lead, but Tech still had plenty of time to drive for the tying field goal. On third down, Ball threw up a pass to Calvin Johnson that was easily intercepted and secured the Georgia victory.
For his career, Reggie Ball went 0-4 against Georgia. That’s 1, 2, 3, 4 – in case Reggie decides to read this article. His inability to count, hold onto the ball, and keep his head under pressure helped the Dawgs continue their domination of NATS during the mid-2000’s. For that, he is worthy of the #101 spot on our list of the greatest players in Georgia history.

Come back tomorrow as we begin the 100 day countdown to the start of the 2010 Georgia football season.



Bernie said...

How'd he pass Calculus without counting past 4?

JaxDawg said...

Nice hold on Pollack in the above pic.

Scott said...

HIGH-larious. Made my day.

Can't wait for the countdown proper to start!


BulldawgJosh said...

Personally, I think he is Top 10 material.