Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update and Countdown Preview

I'm back! After a helluva last few days at work, the nice long weekend should help me get caught up on my blogging. Nothing too exciting has gone on with the exception of the announcement that the Athletic Associate is going to spend 40 million bucks to upgrade Butts-Mehre and add a multi-purpose indoor facility (READ: Indoor practice facilitity).

One week from today marks 100 days until Georgia tees it up with Oklahoma State in Stillwater. As I did last year (before this blog existed), I will count down the days until the season starts. The theme of this year's countdown is Georgia Football by the Numbers. Each day, I will provide a fact based on the current number of days left until the season starts. It has not been an easy task to find something for everyday, but I hope you find this year's countdown as entertaining as last year.

As promised, I will be back tomorrow with Week 3 of my ultimate road trip.

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Bop said...

Looking forward to it Streit. We might have to link it with JJ's countdown over on c&c that he's been doing since about '96. Could mesh well together.