Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Streit's Ultimate College Football Road Trip 2009: Introduction

For a minute, imagine you had unlimited funds and free time during the fall of 2009. Now, imagine that you plan to spend falls this weekend traveling to different stadiums across the country to take in the best that college football has to offer. If you were mapping out your trip, what games would you be sure to include and where would you stop along the way?

Over the next few days, I will present my Ultimate Road Trip for the 2009 season. Here are some of the basic rules I followed:

1. Only one game per week - That means that if I chose a game on a Thursday, that is it for the week.
2. I will attend at least 1 conference game for all of the major six conferences.
3. Try to avoid seeing the same teams over and over. (No team will appear more than twice)
4. Make sure I see at least 1 game involving a school from a non-BCS conference.
5. I did not include the final week of the season (week 15) as only some teams are left playing either in conference championships or rivalry games.

I will explain my reasons for selecting each game, understanding full well that there may be better games on the schedule that week. Please feel free to leave your comments and let me know which game you would have picked.

Now, let's hit the road...


AUMaverick said...

Go for the Georgia Southern vs. Navy game in Annapolis. You can watch an Independent, non-BCS team & a D-II school play smashmouth-option football.

Or, Army vs. Air Force in Colorado Springs 11/7. Two academies, two conferences, and the beautiful town of Colorado Springs.

BFR said...

AUMaverick failed to mention that further intrigue is added to the GA Southern v. Navy game given that these two schools were the last two homes of Paul Johnson before his appointment at the NATS.