Monday, April 27, 2009

Dawgs in Draft: 2009 Recap

2009 turned out to be a banner year for the University of Georgia. The Dawgs had a total of 6 players drafted including number one overall pick Matthew Stafford. Here is a run down of Georgia players taken in the 2009 NFL Draft:

Round 1, Pick 1 (#1 Overall) - QB Matthew Stafford selected by the Detroit Lions

Round 1, Pick 12 (#12 Overall) - RB Knowshon Moreno selected by the Denver Broncos

Round 2, Pick 18 (#50 Overall) - WR Mohamed Massquoi selected by the Cleveland Browns

Round 3, Pick 22 (#86 Overall) - CB Asher Allen selected by the Minnesota Vikings

Round 3, Pick 29 (#93 Overall) - DT Corvey Irvin selected by the Carolina Panthers

Round 6, Pick 9 (#182 Overall) - DE Jaius Wynn selected by the Green Bay Packers

Additionally, Georgia had four undrafted players sign free agent contracts with NFL teams. FB Brannan Southerland signed with the New York Jets, LB Dannell Ellerbe signed with the Baltimore Ravens, WR Kenneth Harris was picked up by the New Orleans Saints, and WR Demiko Goodman went to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Good luck to all the former Dawgs beginning their careers in the NFL!


William Neilson Jr. said...

Great day for us draft wise but I hope we can win more SEC Titles with them than these players leaving with no hardware

Streit said...



With the GATORS in the same division as uga,Appledoggie there isnt a rats aZZ chance in hell your overrated team is gettin the GATORZILLAS!WE OWN GEORGIA,AND THIS YEAR IN JAX YOU little puppies are gettin waxed again!GO GATORS


p.s appleseed,I just noticed again you said you hope to win SEC titles. Since uga is going on 30 years from winning a national title, looks like you lost hope in winning the big game.Thats all right appleseed THE GATORS WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT FOR YA!

Bubba 'N Earl said...

Nice to see a classy Gator fan stop by for a visit. We always appreciate another opinion, though making comments such as these are the types of things that make you look stupid. This is a Georgia blog written by Georgia graduates, so of course we are going support our team. If you disagree what is written, please feel free to leave comments, though I would prefer you do it in a constructive manner.

No wonder Ellerbe didn't get drafted said...



......hmmm coming from the same guys who go to an opposing teams stadium and give the finger in front of the swamp....and you ask me to be classy. Nice try bubba n earl.Anyway since we are both asking for a little class, I have a question.How long will GEORGIA fans wait on coach Richt,considering he has the same talent as last year,wait on him to win the national championship.THIS COMES FROM A GUY WHO REALLY THOUGHT GEORGIA HAD THE WEAPONS TO WIN IT ALL LAST YEAR!

Gov Milledge said...

Native, if you're so opinionated, grow some balls and write your own damn blog.

One thing I am thankful for about playing in Jacksonville every year is never having to see "The Swamp". it would be a waste of energy for any UGA fan to flick it off; ain't worth the effort.

And fwiw, gator girls like it doggy style!

Gov Milledge said...

streit... also saw this article.

it doesn't mention specifically what type of limo it was, but i would have to bet "hummer". and like this will stop saban