Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open Competition: Starting Wide Receiver

With the announcement that Kris Durham will miss the 2009 season, there is an open position at #2 wide receiver opposite uber-receiver AJ Green. G-Day failed to provide an answer to who may pick up the void left with the graduation of Massaquoi and the injury to Durham. Since all of the candidates have very small (if existing) Georgia resumes, high school highlights make up most of the available videos on the candidates. Here's a look at them:

#1 - Israel Troupe - RS Sophomore

#2 - Tavarres King - Sophomore

#3 - Marlon Brown - Incoming Freshman

#4 - Rontavious Wooten - Incoming Freshman

At this point, I would think Tavarres King has the early lead on the position, but it will be hard for him to hold off Marlon Brown. Brown and Green could be an amazing tandem come this fall. Also, look for TE Orson Charles and DB Branden Smith to also get some playing time at receiver.

***UPDATE - As pointed out to me by one of our readers, I left Michael Moore and Tony Wilson off this list. Moore does have a shot at taking the #2 spot after a great performance in the Capital One Bowl, however I think he will perform better in the position he occupied last season at slot receiver. Tony Wilson is an amazing blocker, but I do not see him winning the full time starting position over any of these candidates.


Anonymous said...

I think Michael Moore should be the leading candidate for 2nd WR position. And don't count out Tony Wilson, who is a ferocious blocker on the edge and by fall will be close to full speed. Tony's a great kid and I'm really rooting for him.

Streit said...

Very true, I did leave Michael Moore out of this list. I guess I have always though of him as more of a slot receiver, but he may get his shot outside. That's what I get for writing this thing in about 5 minutes.

Tony Wilson is without a doubt the best blocking wide receiver we have, however I don't see him as a true outside threat. I would love to see him step up and surprise me, but I think TK or Brown will have the job by the end of the season.